Ochag“, “Geyser“, and Volcano electrode water-heating boilers are intended for heating of water in looped heating systems of the apartments and non-residential premises. With normal thermal protection of walls, the maximum size of the heated space may run to 850 cubic meters.

Size of the heated space 850 m3
Nominal power consumption 25 KW
Nominal voltage 380 V
Nominal current strenght on each phase, nominal frequency 50Hz 40 A
Power cable section mm2
Nominal diameter of couplings for connecting to the heating system 32 mm
Protection class 1
Construction by moistrue proofing degree 3
Lenght 460 mm
Weight 5.7 kg


The process of heating of the heat-transfer agent in the “GALAN” electric water heater is carried out at the expense of ionization of the heat-transfer agent, i.e. at the expense of splitting of molecules of the heat-transfer agent into positively and negatively charged ions which move, accordingly, to negative and positive electrodes giving off the energy as they do so, i.e. the process of heating of the heat-transfer agent proceeds directly, without the assistance of any mediator, such as tubular electric heater.

The ionization chamber in which this process is going on is of small size; therefore the sharp heating of the heat-transfer agent occurs resulting in the increasing of pressure of the heat-transfer agent (up to 1 atm. at the maximum power of the device). Thus the electric heater produced by the “GALAN” company is at once a heating device and a circulation pump. This results in considerable savings of customer expenses.

The electric water heater produced by the “GALAN” company is the precision-made device which is self-adaptive to the required power consumption. On heating of the heat-transfer agent the decreasing of its electric resistance occurs. The electric current passed through the electrodes increases resulting in the growing of the power consumption. The electric water heater starts “to gain” the electric power gradually giving it in the form of the heat to the heat-transfer agent. The total power consumption depends on the volume and the temperature of the heat-transfer agent specified by the consumer.

At will of the customer the electric water heater produced by the “GALAN” company comes complete with the automatics allowing the consumer not only to set the necessary temperature of radiators or the air temperature indoors but also to maintain the specified temperature automatically on a 24-hour basis by switching on and off the electric water heater.